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Growing up I didn’t have one specific “place” for my things - instead, I had “places” or more accurately, “areas”, for all of my things. I wish I could make myself look good and suggest that at an early age I was organized and tidy, but that quality took a WHILE to develop.


But fast forward some years and here we are, writing a blog on how to freshen up your space, #makingprogress.








You’re not alone if you have random papers, toys, cups, and more on your kitchen counters, bathroom counters, or entry-way tables. With busy schedules and limited time, I understand how quickly spaces can become cluttered. There are a lot of ways to keep our spaces tidy, but let’s be honest, sometimes life just happens and those things are the last on our lists.


So one of the things I take time to do, especially during the transition of seasons, is tackle the clutter in those main areas (countertops and tables). I also remove any décor that isn’t adding to the space anymore - sometimes it’s helpful to re-decorate areas.


Once you have these spaces clear and clean, you can start freshening them up in terms of décor.


Side note: I tend to keep vases, statement pieces, trays, and other decorative pieces in the same places, but I’ll change out floral each season.







One of the easiest ways to spruce up your space is to update photos.


You’ll be surprised by the difference a few new photos can make! We recently had family photos done and I’m excited to add them to our space!






This might be an obvious one, but one of the most effective things you can do to your space is shift the layout. Even though it might sound cliché, Fung Shuai is real and you will be surprised by how moving a few pieces of furniture can significantly change the feel of your space.


I included an example of our living room (a sketch of what it looked like before and a photo of what it looks like now).








We didn’t have to change much in order to shift the feel of our room. We did end up getting a new sectional recently but by moving a lamp, a side table, and a chair, our living room felt drastically different.


Just try it. Move a few things around and see what happens!





The reason I always tell people to buy neutral statement pieces is for this reason specifically: you can use them in many areas around your house. They’re versatile and if you’re wanting to save money, just make the initial investment to collect statements pieces you love (including vases, baskets, candle sticks, etc., even though these are typically considered accent pieces).






I have this wall hanging in my living room, but it would work in a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, sunroom, or even in a foyer. It’s neutral and all I typically do is change out the floral each season.







All of these pieces are easy to move around and will add new dimensions to the spaces in your home. For example, I love keeping a few signs in my home like the one above. They fill walls very well and are easy to move around if needed - you can also customize them so they’re meaningful or encouraging to you and your family.


Like I said, if you’re wanting to save some money, try investing in a few versatile pieces and move them around from time to time.





I get asked all of the time how to create a warm, full feeling in space, and outside of textiles and colors, the number one answer is GREENERY.


Whether it’s faux or real, greenery adds beautiful depth and vibrance to your home and is easy to move around to different areas.







There are so many ways to freshen up your space.


Painting the walls


Lighting candles with relaxing scents


Changing outlet covers (or painting them)


Switching out your pillows


Changing cabinet pulls (or painting them)


The list goes on.


Start with one of these tips and move from there. Even though we all wish we could transform our spaces overnight, it doesn’t happen that way. It will take you awhile to shift the vibe in your home. Go with it. Enjoy the process.


I’m here to help along the way!




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