Square or round?

If you find yourself stressing over room layouts or feel like giving up after two minutes of furniture shopping, take a deep breath. We are here for all of that. 

Welcome to the first of many guides. After receiving a lot of questions lately about room layouts, I decided to reveal some of my tips and tricks for choosing the right coffee table for your space (specifically when it comes to coordinating it with existing furniture). 


As a general rule of thumb, you want your coffee table to be no more than 2-3 inches above or below your couch. It's best if they're close to the same height for functional and aesthetic reasons. 

If you're working with a standard couch (not a sectional) you have several options that would work for a coffee table. 
A rectangular coffee table is the best all around choice for a standard couch (you know, two to three seats, your basic couch). 

If you want to go with a square table, it's important to have two side by side to create more balance. Otherwise your table will look awkward and unbalanced. 

If you're wanting to use a round table, you can either use a larger one and supplement the size and shape with side tables (next to a chair and your couch) OR you can use two round tables that vary in size and height to create some visual interest. 

Check out this table set
You can use these as individual side tables or together as your coffee table
If you have a sectional or L-shaped couch, one of your options is a rectangular coffee table. The main issue here is the size. You have to make sure that the length of the coffee table does not go past the edge of your couch - otherwise you risk creating an unbalanced look.

Unlike with a standard couch, using a single square coffee table works well with sectionals and L-shaped couches. You don't need to worry about creating balance with two tables because the couch shape makes up for any extra space. 

For those of you who prefer round coffee tables, they are the perfect choice if you have a sectional or L-shaped couch. Not only are they visually softer, they're also perfect if you have smaller kids because they don't have any pointed edges. 

If you're wanting a coffee table that is versatile, especially if you change your seating overtime, stick with a round shape. 


We understand that figuring out the layout of your space can be overwhelming. When it is, take a deep breath and connect with us! 

Send us a video of your space (we're not expecting movie quality videography) 

Take a few photos of the space, the furniture you're working with, and send it to us (they don't need to be perfect photos). 

And let us help!

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