The best secrets!

We’re convinced that decor doesn’t need to be complicated.


I think when we see perfect instagram homes, often times we think “ I’ll never be able to do that” and then walk into the design process feeling defeated, intimidated, or both.


Here’s the good news, we don’t have perfect homes - we have functional homes that match our needs and aesthetic preferences.


And we’d love to share some of our tips with you. 


Oh the dreaded side table (one of the most common “trouble” areas for our clients and customers).


Here’s the thing - we ALWAYS talk about the rule of 3’s. Whenever you’re decorating a table, a shelf, a mantle, etc, we suggest using three items of varying shapes and sizes.


Bedside tables: Invest in side tables that you love - your bedroom is supposed to be restful and if you have items in there that add to your stress, it won’t be the retreat you may need. I invested in these a couple of years ago and wish I did it sooner!


Lamps: We LOVE a textured lamp. Typically we recommend using neutral statement pieces (including lighting) and then adding pops of color and vibrancy with plants, floral, and sometimes vases).


Accents: If you look at the photo above, you’ll see that the plants we used aren’t very different in height. In order to create more depth, we placed a couple of books under one of the plants. It was EASY and created the dimension we needed!





If we had to guess, decorating shelving is probably one of your least favorite things.

We’ll admit, it can be tricky and often takes a bit of trial and error.


Here are the two things to focus on when you’re decorating your shelves:

Balance + texture


You want to balance the “weight” - if you have a darker sign on the bottom right shelf, then you’ll want to balance that with another dark piece of decor on the upper left. If not, the bottom right will look super “heavy”


Adding textures is essential to decorating shelving because it helps add depth and detail. You could add texture with a chunky vase, plants, a quirky figurine, a detailed picture frame, etc.


We want you to love your home - messes and all. We want you to create something that is a host for rest and peace, as well as lasting memories.


Our biggest design secret is to create a neutral foundation for all of the fun

(read our top three design hacks below)


Don’t worry about transforming your home overnight - it takes time to cultivate your space and that’s okay. Speaking from experience, the process will be more frustrating if you’re motivated by instant gratification.


Try using some of the design tips above + enlist our help if you need it!

We’d love to work with you.

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