I'm thinking about gaining.

This time of year, our society tends to function around the idea of losing. Losing weight, cutting back on social media, TV, sugar - whatever it is. We set goals in December to start working toward at the beginning of January. We spend money on plans, apps, gadgets - anything that will help us obtain the deficits we need. 

I often wonder if we focused our attention on gaining rather than a deficit,  would we find a renewed sense of wonder and passion for our day to day lives? When we operate from a position of "I GET to add this"  it can shift our perspectives toward the goals we set as a result. 

We are too harsh with ourselves. Too image focused, too hungry to be or have all the things we see when we look at other people. I know I can fall prey to the "do all, be all, and look good doing it" rhythm which limits my capacity to show up as I am. 

Not showing up as we are is a disservice to the people around us. 

My goals this year will hopefully help me to show up - to feed my whole self so that I can live more fully. 

I'd like to drink more coffee - preferably with people I love

I'd like to gain more contentment with my quirks, the ones that ignite my negative self talk. 

I want to gain more moments of stillness throughout my day - even if it requires starting small. 

I want to add movement into my day - walking, yoga, stretching, something good for my body. 

I want to add a new skill - possibly try my hand at gardening (EEK). 

I want to bring more peace and life to my conversations with other people. 

These are gains that feel possible. They do require sacrifice, possibly "giving up" something, but my mentality surrounding them isn't one of losing or depriving myself.

My mentality is: 

I have the privilege of working toward a goal that excites me; a goal that will add to the quality of my life - a goal to thrive. 

It helps reframe goals for me. It reminds me that the path to any goal is a process - some take more time than others and even the smallest steps are significant. 

The questions I've asked myself lately are:

"How do I want my life to change in the next year?"

"What does thriving look like for me and/or my family?"

Take a few minutes to answer the questions. 

Remember starting out anything new takes time.

Ask someone to journey with you - share the questions with your loved ones. 

Be kind and gracious to yourself when life gets in the way, because it will. 

Just begin and go from there - don't expect an overnight shift, be patient with the process.

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