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It's your bedroom

My seven year old self loved the soft pink walls in my childhood home. My bedroom was a space that welcomed my imagination, my dreams, and all of my big seven year old emotions. From seven to seventy, we all need a space like this. One of the questions we get all of the time is how to easily shift the vibe of your space. Obviously there are many ways to do this, but one of the simplest ways is to change the color of your walls. Psychologists have found that certain colors have the ability to make us feel calmer and more at ease. When choosing colors for your bedroom, first consider using a neutral color that will go with a wide variety...

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Already Enough.

"It's not good enough yet"I recently heard a child say this and it shocked me. Instead of saying "it's not done yet", they chose to say "it's not good enough yet". I'm sure the concept of "worthiness" is well known by our older kids but I wasn't prepared for a younger child to express it or demonstrate even the slightest understanding of it. Our striving for worth and perfection is seen by others, especially the younger people in our lives. Not only do they pick up on what we say, they also pick up on how we say it and how we respond to situations. When did we start shaping our actions and responses around proving or growing our worth?When did we start believing...

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I'm thinking about gaining.This time of year, our society tends to function around the idea of losing. Losing weight, cutting back on social media, TV, sugar - whatever it is. We set goals in December to start working toward at the beginning of January. We spend money on plans, apps, gadgets - anything that will help us obtain the deficits we need. I often wonder if we focused our attention on gaining rather than a deficit,  would we find a renewed sense of wonder and passion for our day to day lives? When we operate from a position of "I GET to add this"  it can shift our perspectives toward the goals we set as a result. We are too harsh with ourselves. Too image focused, too hungry to...

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