It's your bedroom

My seven year old self loved the soft pink walls in my childhood home. My bedroom was a space that welcomed my imagination, my dreams, and all of my big seven year old emotions. 

From seven to seventy, we all need a space like this.
One of the questions we get all of the time is how to easily shift the vibe of your space. Obviously there are many ways to do this, but one of the simplest ways is to change the color of your walls. 

Psychologists have found that certain colors have the ability to make us feel calmer and more at ease. When choosing colors for your bedroom, first consider using a neutral color that will go with a wide variety of décor (especially if you're not planning on doing a total bedroom makeover!) The most important determining factor is how a color makes you feel when looking at it. Choose the one that feels right to you. 

Some of my favorites are: 

Rare + Radiant (Sherwin Williams) 
Agreeable Gray (Sherwin Williams) 
Alabaster (Sherwin Williams) 
Stone Aisle (Sherwin Williams) 



It's not a surprise that nature has an extremely calming effect. Bringing elements of nature into your bedroom can encourage a sense of tranquility.

Using linen bedding, wooden elements (hooks, shelves, headboards, side tables, etc.), and soft tapestries are a few easy ways to bring earth vibes into your space. 

We preach neutrals to anyone who asks about designing their space. It's the simplest starting point. But we also talk a lot about the importance of using plants and other florals to add some life. 

Bringing the outdoors into your bedroom is a lovely way to create your personal retreat. Whether they're real or fake, large or small, they will still create the feel you need. 

Add a basket with a tree next to your nightstand. 
Place a planter with a plant you enjoy and stage it on your dresser. 
Grab a few hanging planters, add some plants, and hang them in a corner or near your windows.


Create a small space for peace. A space just for you. 

Add a chair or pouf to a small part of your room (a corner or by your window). 
Use candles
Photos that make you happy
A small dream board
A comfy throw
Scripture or words that are meaningful to you. 
Anything else you want - a yoga mat if you have room, a small bookshelf, etc. 

Make it simple, special, and serene. 



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