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Stress and Striving

Every year I find myself in the same position when it comes to hosting - stressed. panicked, and overwhelmed by my long to-do list. Most of the stress stems from my desire for everything to be perfect.  Hosting has become more about a performance lately than welcoming people into our home. When did it become about the hosts instead of the guests? This year I want to shift that mentality in my life - maybe you're wanting to do the same. Welcome to the club.Even though my focus is on stressing less and moving away from perfectionism, there are still things that need to be done before we host people in our homes. To help me stay organized, I created a short guide...

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Already Enough.

"It's not good enough yet"I recently heard a child say this and it shocked me. Instead of saying "it's not done yet", they chose to say "it's not good enough yet". I'm sure the concept of "worthiness" is well known by our older kids but I wasn't prepared for a younger child to express it or demonstrate even the slightest understanding of it. Our striving for worth and perfection is seen by others, especially the younger people in our lives. Not only do they pick up on what we say, they also pick up on how we say it and how we respond to situations. When did we start shaping our actions and responses around proving or growing our worth?When did we start believing...

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Does the frosting really matter?  I asked this question all of the time growing up. Being a rather impatient and eager little girl with an enormous sweet tooth, the process of finishing cupcakes was torture. First you had to mix all of the ingredients together (and eat half of the batter), then put them in cupcake liners, bake them, let them cool, AND ice them, all before you could sink your teeth into their sugary goodness. In my mind it wasn't worth the wait. I could not understand why my grandmother insisted that this was the best method. It clearly wasn't. And so, I would whine, "does the frosting really maaaaattttter?" Gently she would respond, "Yes, it matters. It matters because it means you worked...

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